Road Safety Tips for Florida Motorcycle Riders

Road Safety Tips for Florida Motorcycle Riders

Just like driving a car, driving a motorcycle requires a particular set of skills. The laws on the road for Palm Beach County, FL riders apply precisely to other road users. Using basic common sense and following traffic rules goes a long way in reducing traffic accidents on the road. While, in some instances, it may be impossible to avoid accidents altogether, it is essential that you speak to our agents at Accesspoint Insurance on acquiring motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle safety tips

Always wear protective gear with a face shield.

Motorcycle accidents often result in severe head injuries. Having a helmet reduces the impact on sensitive body parts. Wear clothing that reduces the number of body injuries, especially on your hands and legs. Consider wearing reflective clothing as this alerts other motorists that you are on the road.

Follow the traffic rules.

Observe the speed limit set on the road. Be keen on the road signs and seek clarity should any be unclear.

Be observant

Do not make assumptions on the road, such as assuming the other driver can see you. Always offer the right of way where needed. Still, ensure you drive your motorcycle with headlights on and avoid blind sports.

Be sober

Do not ride your motorcycle while intoxicated. Intoxication, fatigue, and drowsiness impair your level of judgment and ability to react.

Have a motorcycle insurance

Accidents on the road can sometimes be unavoidable. Having motorcycle insurance will cover you from the financial obligation you are likely to incur in case of an accident. This could be the cost of motorcycle repairs or purchasing a new motorcycle, or damage to third-party properties. 

Kindly speak to our Accesspoint Insurance agents in Palm Beach County, FL, who will guide you through the motorcycle insurance process.