Which Commercial Insurance Is Best for Your Business?

Best Commercial Insurance

While every business in Florida is unique and you should be protected from specific risks you have, there are some insurance policies that every business should consider. Learn which is the best commercial insurance for your business.

Liability Insurance

Liability claims are a risk for every business, which is why having the right liability insurance is important. General liability insurance helps pay for claims caused by property damage or bodily injury. Professional liability insurance helps cover lawsuits that claim you made errors in the services your business provides. For example, it can include clerical mistakes, including ones your employees make.

Property Insurance

If you have tools, equipment, technologies, and materials you need to keep your business up and running, you should consider property insurance. Despite the name, it does more than just cover the property of your business.

A business owner’s policy can combine property insurance and business liability into one policy, so you have everything you need for your coverage. An agent at Accesspoint Insurance in Palm Beach County, FL can help you fill the holes in your coverage.

Workers’ Comp

If you have employees, you need to have this coverage, with just a few exceptions. Even if you aren’t required to have it, it does provide a lot of coverage, so consider it if you have employees working for your business.

Commercial Auto

If you have a business where driving is involved, you want to consider this insurance since accidents related to work use of a vehicle may not be covered under a personal insurance policy.

When choosing the commercial insurance that is best for your business, it helps to know what you need. It also helps to understand what your policy covers. It’s not always obvious, so be sure to read it carefully and ask questions if you aren’t sure. No matter what policy you choose, review it every year to make sure it still fits the needs of your business.

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